GDPR compliancy and privacy in general

This is how Biodys complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please visit for more information.

We do not ask for, store, or process any privacy-sensitive data on our own computers and servers. We do not use cookies or tracking software or any third party executable code (e.g. javascript, java) on this website. We do not share any publicly available information used for business transactions that you share with us (e.g. company address, e-mail, vat number) with any other entity unless legal authorities require us to do so.

For business critical data, which are outside the scope of GDPR, we offer end-to-end signed and encrypted communications. Contact us for more information.

Since we do not collect any information through this website, no secure gateway like https is used. Visits to this website are temporary logged with default web server options. These temporary logs are not processed for statistics and are only kept in case we need to identify a security breach.