Newly developed laboratory systems supporting advanced machine learning algorithms for process optimization.

Operational systems

  1. Tenfold multifermentor (customer IMEnz Bioengineering)
  2. Steam generator for laboratory use (customer IMEnz Bioengineering)

multi-fermentor gompertz and derivatives

Tenfold multifermentor prototype and Gompertz graph of lactic acid neutralization (corresponding to growth) and derivative curves (growth speed, growth acceleration, nutrient level.)

Available machine learning algorithms


Systems in design phase

  1. Multiplexed data acquisition instrument for pH, porosity, ionic activity, growth, automated sampling. (Interreg project Groene Kaskade)
  2. Multiplexed randomized reaction equipment suitable for high temperature (HTC, pyrolysis) and low temperature reactions and fermentations (Interreg project Groene Kaskade)